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Tacere by Dino Valls, 1992. Egg tempera and oil on wood, 43 x 35 cm.

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Fishing Like A Kingfisher 101.

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I am the city in the valley everlasting.
I am Caesar, Cleopatra’s head
And all the dead.

I am the war horn thundering
Through the streets I whisper.
For peace
I am the soldier with a broken jaw,
Screaming for more

I am a riddle without history,
Tell me who I am.
I am a song without harmony,
Play me again and again.

I am the sea reflected
In the sky,
You are me resurrected
I am alive.

There is truth
There, a lie.

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Rinko Kawauchi - Illuminance (published 2011)

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Just some of the films of Hayao Miyazki!

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Calm It Down. #sisyphusparty in da house

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